SaaS MasterClass

$44,554That's how much my SaaS Empire made in January 2022

What do other people have to say?

WHO AM I?EX-GOOGLER WITH 9 years in Silicon Valley2 years trying to make money onlineI realized everything I KNEW was wrong...

You don't need VC funding to make your own tech startup

You don't need a bunch of employees

You don't need millions in capital

You don't need to be a tech genius

You don't need to be technical

I learned so much along the way, and I'm giving away all my knowledge in this master class.In 2021, I'll be adding at least one module a month including Q&A videos

What's in the course?

25 videos.
Over 6 hours long.
Everything you need to know to get into SaaS

SaaS 101

An introduction to SaaS for absolute beginners.

SaaS Myths

The reality of how to make a successful SaaS, and the lies Silicon Valley tells you


Useful resources for your SaaS journey


My tricks to hiring developers for cheap so I can make a SaaS for under $5K instead of $25K

Must Haves

What every SaaS needs to have a smooth launch

Business Partners

How to find a business partner for a SaaS project


The best tech stack for a SaaS

SaaS Markets

Where to buy and sell your SaaS


Tips for launching your SaaS

SaaS Review

Reviewing the 4 SaaS I launched in 2020, and all the lessons I learned

SaaS Philosophy

How I found the golden niche to ensure a successful SaaS

Hiring Interviews

Behind the scenes videos of my entire interviewing process

Marketing by Cold Email Wizard

The man, the wiz, the legend. Cold Email Wizard explains how you can market your SaaS and the numbers behind it

SaaS Comparisons

Comparing successful SaaS products

Start Your SaaS

Exactly what you need to do so you can start

SaaS Ideas

How To Find SaaS idea quickly and easily

Samy Dindane Interview

The creator of HypeFury & SaaSWiz talk about their SaaS journey and what they've learned over time


How I built a Micro-SaaS in one week, from the ground up.

5 Bonus Modules

Several SaaS owners tell you their stories and experience

Current Price: $200

Do not buy this expecting SaaS to be easy.I'll show you how to get into SaaS cheaper and easier than it needs to be. At the end of the day you are starting a tech business.Getting into SaaS still costs thousands of dollars in both dev and advertising cost.If $200 is too much for you go do something else

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